Tips to improve your dancing

5 Simple Daily Practices To Improve Your Dancing

No matter if you’re a beginning dancer of you’ve been dancing for years, it’s important to practice if you want to do your best....
under bed storage

5 Things You Should Store at Home While You’re Away At College

So, you are headed off to college. You’ll be spending summers at home until you graduate or get a job and are really on...
Damp Dorm Room

What to Do If You Have Damp in Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms can be cramped and, in the winter, stupidly cold – especially if all you have in the way of heating are electric...
Buckingham Palace

5 Things You Must Do If You Visit London

If you are planning a vacation to the UK anytime soon then make sure that you know all about the best bits and places...
Grow a Garden in Your Dorm Room

How to Grow a Mini Garden in Your Dorm

Going away to college can mean many changes for yourself. After all, you will be leaving your family, friends, and everything that has been...
Dorm Cleaning Supplies

Moving Out Of The Dorm? Here’s What You Need

You’ve already spent your first year or two living with the best roommate at the University you’ve always wanted to attend. The time has...
get a girlfriend in college

How to Get a Girlfriend at College

How to Get a Girlfriend at College Going to college is one of the biggest events in your life. Not only will you have the...
financial mistakes millennials

8 Financial Blunders Millennials Must Avoid

Their job market is not the greatest; their salaries are not as high as in better times; they have loads of college debt. Yet,...


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