Sororities have never been personally appealing to me, however, I do know a lot of people who had a great time while in their college sorority, both before and after graduation. From what I understand, sorority life is all about female empowerment and learning to love your sisters. And while the University of Alabama‘s sorority Alpha Phi’s latest recruitment video definitely looks like you will learn to love your sisters, it’s come under major fire for its over-sexual premise and lack of diversity.

A.L. Bailey, of, wrote a piece criticizing the video, calling it “worse for women than Donald Trump.” Bailey compared the images in the video of girls in bikinis drinking and frolicking with one another to a Girls Gone Wild video. “These young women, with all their flouncing and hair-flipping, are making it so terribly difficult for anyone to take them seriously, now or in the future,” Bailey wrote.

But not everyone shares this writer’s sentiment. On the multiple YouTube uploads of the video, there have been many comments that support the girls. “I see nothing wrong. I do hear plenty of bad EDM though. In all seriousness though…there are TONS of videos that are just like this. TONS. The fact that this video was singled out actually kind of bugs me,” one user commented.

Regardless, the sorority has since removed the video.

Alpha Phi is the fourth oldest sorority in the country, and members include Kim Kelleher of TIME Magazine, Georgia Neese Gray, the first female treasurer of the United States, and actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

You can watch the video below.

What do you think of the University of Alabama Alpha Phi video?