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Tag: Brittney Helmrich

Brittney Helmrich is a writer for Surviving College

7 Reasons Nev Schulman is the Best (An Open Letter)

Nev Schulman Dancing
He may not be a catfish but he is quite a catch.

Video: How Gamers Eat Their Food

How Gamers Eat Their Food
So *that's* how they do it...

Video: Amazing Facts About Spider-Man

amazing facts about spider-man
You mean Spider-Man almost didn't exist?!

10 Amazingly Creative Decorated Graduation Caps

throwing graduation caps
Game of Thrones? More like 'Game of Loans'

Video: Spotify Tricks You Need to Try

Spotify Hacks
So you can listen to One Direction without shame.

Kitestring: The Simple Safety App You HAVE to Use

Web Safety App KiteString
This one gets the mom stamp of approval!

10 Nintendo Game Boy Games That Might Cause You To Die...

Game Boy 25th Anniversary
Because the Game Boy just turned 25 today. Yikes.

8 Ways to Survive Easter Weekend on Campus

Easter Bunny Easter Candy
Sweatpants, Netflix, candy, repeat.


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