Let’s face it – 2012 was a pretty good year! It seems like once the New Year rolls around, everyone decides that the past year totally sucked. Twitter practically explodes as a result of the vast numbers of people tweeting hopeful messages about how they’re hoping 2013 is “better than 2012 was” (you get the point!) We think it’s not so much that 2012 sucked, but rather, that people forget pretty much everything interesting that happened! We found this awesome infographic that highlights some of the best pop culture moments of 2012.

Whether or not the year was great for you on a personal level, you have to admit that some pretty cool things happened last year. 2012 saw a record breaking space jump from Felix Baumgartner, some awesome movies (The Dark Knight Rises, anyone?) and some great Olympic moments over the summer. Oh, and nobody can forget the craze that was (and still is) Gangnam Style. (Although, we do have to admit that we’re not sure how we feel about 50 Shades of Grey making an appearance in this list…) Check out the infographic below for a reminder of some interesting pop culture facts about the past year!

2012 Infographic Pop Culture

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What do you think of these pop culture facts from 2012? Let us know!