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This week on Mascot Monday: The Drexel University Dragons

Mascot Monday - The Drexel University Dragons - Drexel Dragons

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Finally! A college mascot we can get fired up about! (Pun intended.) Drexel University, thank you for having a completely badass, totally intimidating, awesome freakin’ mascot. Thank you. Seriously. This week, we are loving the Drexel University Dragons, because try to name something more awesome than that. You can’t, because nothing beats a long-fanged, long-clawed dragon with huge powerful wings and the ability to breathe fire.

So let’s talk about the Drexel University Dragons for a sec. How did they get so cool? Well, according to the school’s archives, they never really said why they decided to become the Dragons. Basically, calling everyone “the engineers” when not all of them were engineers didn’t really make sense anymore. They started calling the basketball team “the dragons” and then it evolved to encompass all of the school’s athletic teams.

So, not only are they awesome, but they’re awesome because they just decided to be. Confidence, people.

Mascot Monday - The Drexel University Dragons - Drexel Dragons Mascot

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Look at that mascot costume! We expected a mascot like the Dragons to look stupid in person, especially in comparison to the beautiful dragon on Drexel’s logo (seriously, how cool is that?!) but we were wrong. Look at those teeth, those claws, those wings, and those piercing eyes.  The only way Drexel’s mascot could get better? If it breathed fire in real life. But that’s a safety hazard and could ruin their entire sports program, so we’re just going to have to accept that it won’t happen and move on. Unless Drexel can figure out how Katniss’ clothes work, in which case, no mascot will ever compare. We loved you, Drexel University.

What do you think of the Drexel University Dragons?