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Make DIY Sparkly Metallic Party Hats For New Year’s Eve

We are totally on party mode over here, and that means we have New Year's Eve on our minds. Whether you're staying in the...
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5 Holiday Movies That’ll Save You From The Most Awkward Christmas Ever

Around this time of year, we love to watch our favorite holiday movies over and over again. Maybe it's because they are funny, or...
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The Yale Glee Club Serenades Metro-North Train

With some many controversial college happenings taking place across America, it's nice to see a little positivity, like when the Yale Glee Club serenaded...
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8 Financial Blunders Millennials Must Avoid

Their job market is not the greatest; their salaries are not as high as in better times; they have loads of college debt. Yet,...
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That Application Costs HOW Much?

When you think about paying for college, tuition usually pops into your head, and you say "eh, I'll worry about it when I can...
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5 Quick And Easy Recipes You Can Actually Make In College

    You may not be a great cook, but we’re pretty certain that you enjoy savoring a great meal. Whether you’re home alone and hungry,...