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Travel For A Living – Choose These Majors

That Liberal Arts degree can come in handy.

Summer Travel: 3 Things You Have to Pack

No, this is not some odd version of a shipping nightmare where I take pictures of how to awkwardly pack a suitcase so that you can fit as much as possible into it. gif via For any of you...
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5 Reasons Why You MUST Travel Abroad This Summer

Well, what are you waiting for? Get packing!
Study Abroad Traveling Abroad Flight Luggage

Studying Abroad? 8 Things You Should Definitely Pack

Studying Abroad is an amazing experience, and if you have the opportunity to participate in a program, you should not hesitate to take it.  When else in your life can you drop everything and...
Jake Gaba Dances Across China - Dartmouth Student

Video: This Student Danced His Way Across China, and it Was Wonderful

Documenting your study abroad journey can be tricky.  Some people keep journals, some people take about a million photos, and others try to be a little more creative.  A bunch of the girls I...

The Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad in Brazil

With its emerging economy and charismatic people, Brazil, the biggest country of South America, is a new destination to many studying abroad students. And in the middle of samba, soccer and school, here are...
Should You Study Abroad 10 Questions To Ask Yourself

Should You Study Abroad? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed about going to Australia. Why exactly I'm not sure, but I've always been fascinated with that gigantic island so far away from home. Now, I'm...
Ultimate College Road Trip Playlist

The Ultimate College Road Trip Playlist

Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip! Whether you are driving across the country to go to a music festival, visit family, visit friends or maybe you even have to trek...
Broke Student's Guide to Going On a Eurotrip

The Broke Student’s Guide To Going On A Eurotrip

So, you did it. Whatever "it" is. Maybe you graduated from college. Maybe you just didn't fail out of college this year. Maybe that girl you've been crushing on finally agreed to go out...
Studying Abroad in China

The Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad in China

College is full of once-in-a-lifetime chances to network, find a mentor, learn the classics and make lasting friends. But maybe the biggest opportunity of all is the possibility of immersing yourself in a new...
shoestring budget travel guide

Shoestring Budget Travel Guide (Infographic)

I've been reminiscing about my study abroad days in Hong Kong. My favorite part of being an exchange student was having the opportunity to travel. Despite having  a shoestring budget to travel, I got...
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Study Abroad: Rules of Thumb

To study abroad or not to study abroad, that is the question. Whatever stage you are at in your college career, you should consider studying outside of the United States. The life experience alone...

Escapism and The Pursuit of Knowledge

I've been meaning to get to this for a while. It’s a bit of an important point of interest to me, but everyone else seems to have had their say on the topic ahead...

10 Essentials That Study Abroad Students Forget to Pack

Arriving at your host country is a whirlwind experience. You will be bombarded with a different crowd of people, different signs, different language, different food -- among this somewhat overwhelming experience, you don't want...

10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

I know a lot of people who decided to back out of their study abroad experience, just weeks before they were scheduled to leave home. They remember many reasons why you should study abroad......


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