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Tech Tuesday: Click Your Heels & Escape A Bad Date

There's no place like...any place but here

StudentLife Will Tell You if You’re Stressed

A study done with Dartmouth students has helped create an app that can measure stress levels in college students. The app, StudentLife, uses passive and automatic sensing data and requires little user interaction. The...

25 Features We Hope the iPhone 6 Has

That emoji update we were promised would be nice
mysleepbutton sleep

Tech Tuesday: mySleepButton

Fall asleep faster, for free.
120 sports logo

Tech Tuesday: 120 Sports App

120 Sports is a brand new app that covers tons of different sports all in one place. Not only does it show live stats of games, it also has high lights, current trending topics,...
confectionery cannon marshmallow

AWESOME: Students Construct Marshmallow Cannon

It's everything we thought it could be... and more.

Put Down Your Phones

This summer, we want to challenge people to put down their phones. It has become a huge issue of our generation: we are addicted to our smartphones. They have so much power: internet, social...

Tech Tuesday: SafeTrek is an App You Need Right Now

Walking home alone on campus can be extremely nerve wracking. Whether your campus is large or small, known to be safe, or in a dangerous area, walking alone at night can always be scary. SafeTrek...

Tech Tuesday: 4 Must-Have Summer Apps

Looking to update your phone or have some useful apps on your phone? You've come to the right place. These apps will help you with travel, food, drinks and music--all the ingredients for a...
News apps for college students

Tech Tuesday: 4 News Apps You Have to Check Out

I find that when I am at school, I forget to read the news. Although I am with thousands of people, I still feel as though I am in a bubble. I don't really...

Tech Tuesday: The Fitbit One

What exactly is a Fitbit One? Well, it is a tiny rectangular shaped device that acts as a pedometer as well as a calorie counter, clock and much more. There are several different products made...
Cluster Family Group

Tech Tuesday: Cluster App Review

Ever wish you could share your pictures with, say, an eighth of your Facebook friends without having to defriend the rest? Well, now you can (and you don't have to do it through Facebook, either)....
Snapchat Update Video Chat Instant Messaging

Snapchat’s Major Upgrade: Messaging & Video Chat

Sending awkward selfies just got easier.
Spotify Hacks

Video: Spotify Tricks You Need to Try

So you can listen to One Direction without shame.


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