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going to college abroad

Why You Should Probably Go To College Abroad

Traveling abroad for college is something a lot of students do for a year or a semester. But it's not very common to find American students heading abroad for a full four years of...
chipotle delivery colleges

Chipotle To Deliver To THESE Colleges This Fall

There must be a God, and she must be hungry, because our prayers for Chipotle delivery have been answered. According to a press release, the fast-food chain will be delivering to 40 college campuses this fall...

The Colleges With The Most Swiped Right Students

Everyone for the most part knows how the dating app Tinder works, but if you don't know, let us give you a little rundown. Basically, when you come across someone's profile that you like,...
university of alabama sorority video

University Of Alabama Sorority Video Under Fire

Sororities have never been personally appealing to me, however, I do know a lot of people who had a great time while in their college sorority, both before and after graduation. From what I...
business schools

If You’re A Business Major, Read This

Accounting, finance, insurance, management, and entrepreneurship can all be found in the realms of business.  If you're a business major, then one of these subjects is probably what made you become a business major...
vanderbilt university happiest school

The Princeton Review Lists Happiest Students Of 2015

Most likely (or at least hopefully) the college/university that you're attending makes you happy.  Sure you get overwhelmed with the school work and having a life outside of the classroom, but at the end...
college marriage proposal princeton

SWEET: A Frat House’s Musical Marriage Proposal

Maybe once in your life you've daydreamed about your marriage proposal. Maybe you dreamed it would happen at the beach, in a field of flowers, or in front of your friends and family. For Alexa Agourides,...
University of Illinois party school

And The Top Party School Is…

You may like to think that your school is the best known for infamous frat parties or the late night bashes that take place after each football game. Nonetheless, there's only one true way to...
best art schools college

The Best Colleges For Art Majors

Have you always had a passion for drawing, sculpture, design,visual art, art history, or spending hours traipsing around art museums? If this describe you perfectly then you should definitely think about being an art...
utah valley university

Utah Valley University Creates Texting Lane For Students

Have you ever been walking behind someone who's moving at a snail's pace because they're too busy texting or looking at their phone? Yeah, it's annoying. But if you attend Utah Valley University, you...
emerson college comedy major

No Joke: Emerson College Now Offers A Comedy Major

This recent news is no laughing matter, Emerson College is now offering a comedy major beginning in September 2016. Students interested in comedy writing or telling jokes through stand-up will get the chance to work...
2015 celebrity commencement speakers

15 Celebrity Commencement Speakers For 2015

Aren't you glad you go to college now?