Hit the mid-day slump yet? Maybe you’d like a chance to get a sip of the world’s largest cappuccino! Though it might have gotten a little cold by the time it reached you if you aren’t anywhere near Zagreb, Croatia. In honor of Austria-based Julius Meinl Coffee company’s 150th anniversary, the company sponsored an event in which 1,000 baristas in Croatia filled a giant coffee cup with 2,012 litres of freshly made cappuccino. That’s over 8,504 cups of cappuccino! So much caffeine! Makes me think of that one Futurama episode…

futurama fry not sure if too much coffee meme world's largest cappuccino

According to Today Online, although a previous record was claimed by 80 baristas in Prague who had filled a giant cup with 2,117 litres of cappuccino in 2009, it wasn’t official, so the Croatians take the record!


What would you do with the world’s largest cappuccino cup?

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