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It’s about that time ya’ll—playlist time! Let’s be honest: I’m not here to convince you to remove 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, or the adorably arrogant (okay, maybe not) Biebs from your list. Instead, I’m going to suggest 5 songs to help you power through the most dreaded day of the week: Monday!

Don’t wake up groggy, lethargic, and uninspired next Monday. With these tracks, you’re bound to have an incredible day. Say goodbye to dread and say hello to a welcoming, upbeat Monday playlist. Check out these 5 songs for Monday! **DISCLAIMER** These tracks are from the early 2000s—I promise, they’re all worth revisiting!

1. The Bravery “Believe”

This 2007 track is the highest charting single from The Bravery. Coming from The Sun and the Moon album, “Believe” is a quintessential song for Monday. Don’t be ashamed of listening to a fairly dated song, it’s well worth it!

2. OK Go “Get Over It”

Check the title then the song, you’ll understand! This Chicago, IL alternative rock band will warm your heart again.

3. The Killers “When You Were Young”

You can never go wrong with The Killers! Again, this song is several years old, but it’s just SO GOOD!

4. Broken Bells “Holding On for Life”

One word: falsetto. Yes, these darling men sing ever-so-charmingly in a captivating falsetto. Thanks to Sirius XMU radio, I discovered this talented Los Angeles, CA indie rock group. Prepared to be hooked and addicted.

5. Minus the Bear “Into the Mirror”

Between songs like “Excuses” and “Pachuca Sunrise”, it was hard choosing only one Minus the Bear song for Monday. Somehow, I chose “Into the Mirror”, a groovy tune!

What song(s) do you play on Monday?

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