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finals week funny

How To Survive Finals Week, As Told By A Senior

It’s that time again – finals. Between exams, group presentations, and papers, how do we find time to rest and unwind?! Unfortunately, resting and...
essay writing tips

9 Things To Remember When Writing A College Essay

Writing your college essay requires plenty of preparation, if you want to do it right. The best thing you can do is take pen...

President Obama’s Solid College Advice To Malia

President Obama will be going through a lot of changes in 2016. Not only will he be leaving office, but his oldest child will...
college resources

10 Insightful Resources For The New Academic Year

At the beginning of the semester, students have a lot of work to do. First of all, they should organize their studying routine. Secondly,...
drunk student emails professor

LOL: Drunk Student Writes Ridiculous Email To Professor

Listen, we've all had those nights when we've been drinking a little too much even though we have a big paper or a test...
signs youre over college

4 Signs You’re SO Over College

As a student, sometimes you just get tired of college. I mean yes, it's great to have an education and to be working towards...
study tips finals

Why You Need To Start Prepping For Finals NOW

They are right around the corner!
study group finals

Why You Should Form A Study Group

There's power in numbers!
Texas A&M Galveston

Professors Wants To Fail ENTIRE Class

What the heck did these students do?!
scantron test

The Ultimate Guide To Passing A Scantron Final

Don't let it be a nightmare!
stressful phrases college

The 5 Most Stressful Phrases You Hear In Class

What are these professors trying to do to us?
end of the semester blues

The End Of The Semester Blues Are Coming

Here's now to survive 'em.
senior seminar class

Conquer Your Senior Seminar

...with conviction!
how to kill time

What To Do When You Have Only 20 Minutes In Between Classes

So much time, yet so little...
harry potter theme sex ed

Finally: A Harry Potter-Themed Sex-Ed Class

We were waiting for this one...
college essay writing tips

5 Signs Your Essay Has Gone Sour (And How to Fix It)

Learn to cope with the struggles of essay writing without losing your mind.
college completion gap

SAD: College Completion Gap Is Growing

Things have got to change.
class120 app download

NOOOO: App Tells Parents If You Go To Class

It's actually a good and bad thing...